Antonio Carangelo

born 3 April 1948 Alliste

Antonio Carangelo sings La forza del destino: Invano, Alvaro, with Mauro Augustini
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A native of Puglia (province of Lecce), Carangelo studied voice in Geneva and Osimo and made his debut in Saint-Étienne as Nemorino in 1979. (At age 31, thus; what he did before his vocal studies can nowhere be found.) He sang in Geneva, Osimo, Lecce, Bergamo, Udine, Lyon, Milano (I've no idea at which venue), Tokyo, Norway and England (unspecified where in both cases), and in New York City, with the New York Grand Opera (which mostly stages open air performances with free entrance); anything but a spectacular career. After retiring, he opened a Belcanto Academy with a Vienna postal address that organizes master classes "in different European countries".

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