Carlo Cartica

Roma 1865 – ?

Picture of Carlo Cartica
Picture of Carlo Cartica
in Serrana by A. Keil
Cartica started to study singing in 1885 with maestro Bartolini. He made his debut in 1887 at the Metastasio in Prato as Faust with a great success.

His career developed as follows:
1890 Viterbo, Napoli
1891 Napoli
1893 Catanzaro
1894 Catanzaro, Teramo, Milano (Scala: Faust and Edgardo with Nellie Melba), Trento, Roma, Treviso, Bologna (world premiere of Savitri by N. Caroti; as Don Fernando in Cristoforo Colombo by A. Franchetti)
1895 Genova, Osimo
1896 Firenze, Roma, Ferrara, Venezia, Bologna, Buenos Aires
1897 Odessa, Tiflis, Lisboa
1898 Lisboa, Santiago
1899 Lisboa, Sevilla, Roma, Trieste
1901 Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Madrid, Alessandria
1902 Madrid, Lisboa, Salsomaggiore
1903 Madrid, Bari, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, Parma (Alvaro)
1904 Parma (Raoul), Napoli, Bergamo, Ciudad de México
1905 Santiago de Chile
1906 Lecce, Barcelona, Madrid
1908 Roma, Albano, Livorno
1909 Cremona, Roma, Boston, Chicago, Springfield, New York
1911 Washington, Pittsburgh, New York
1916 Roma (Costanzi: Manrico), Foggia
1917 Velletri, Roma
1918 Roma

In the USA he also sang with the Aborn Opera Company, a company that performed operas in English.

He retired in the USA in 1921 where he opened a singing school.

In 1910, while he was in the USA, he was challenged to a duel by Conte Cinelli who had been slapped by Cartica in Italy. Because of US laws forbidding duels, Cinelli had to wait until Cartica returned to Italy.
Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

Two anecdotes tell how Cartica was (too) fond of alcohol. In a Lohengrin performance in Santiago de Chile in 1898, Cartica was so drunk when he entered the stage that the first line that the prompter delivered to him, "mercè" didn't make him sing "Mercè, mercè, cigno gentil" – instead, he replied loudly, "Mercè anche a Lei" (Thank you, too). The curtain fell, and with strong coffee, they succeeded to restore Cartica sufficiently that he could sing the performance.

One day (unknown when and where), his desperate agent is said to have invented the solution: from the dress rehearsal to the last performance, Cartica would never leave the theater, and sleep in his dressing room, even being chaperoned to and from the stage. Big surprise when Cartica was just as boozed-up as always... It took agent and theater management three performances to find out how he had managed: at an appointed hour, Cartica would lower a basket on a rope from his window, and the guy from the local wine shop would fill it to the brim...

Reference: Youtube channel "Uno sguardo al passato"

Carlo Cartica sings La forza del destino: Solenne in quest'ora, with Cesare Alessandroni

Carlo Cartica sings Il trovatore: Miserere, with Luisa Villani
  Prato Teatro Metastasio FAUST (Faust)
09 Viterbo Teatro Unione BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA (Almaviva)
10/12 Napoli Teatro Bellini LINDA DI CHAMOUNIX (Carlo) / RIGOLETTO (Duca) / AMOR LA VINCE di V. Galasso / TRAVIATA (Alfredo)
01 Napoli Teatro Bellini LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
03/04 Napoli Teatro Bellini FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo)
12 Catanzaro Teatro Comunale RIGOLETTO (Duca)
01 Catanzaro Teatro Comunale FAUST (Faust) / FAVORITA (Fernando)
01 Teramo Teatro Comunale RIGOLETTO (Duca)
05 Milano Teatro La Scala LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo) / RIGOLETTO (Duca)
06 Trento Teatro Sociale LE VILLI
08/09 Roma Teatro Quirino FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo) / BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA (Almaviva) / LUCREZIA BORGIA (Gennaro)
10 Treviso Teatro Sociale CRISTOFORO COLOMBO di A. Franchetti (Fernan)
12 Bologna Teatro Brunetti NOZZE! di E. Lozzi
12 Bologna Teatro Comunale CRISTOFORO COLOMBO di A. Franchetti (Fernan) / SAVITRI di N. Canti (Satiavan)
01/02 Genova Teatro Carlo Felice CRISTOFORO COLOMBO (Fernan) / FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / SAVITRI di N. Canti (Satiavan)
09 Osimo Teatro Nuova Fenice PARON GIOVANNI di A. Castracane
01 Firenze Teatro Pagliano BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo) / FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro)
01 Roma Teatro Nazionale CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)
03 Ferrara Teatro Borghi Tosi FAUST (Faust)
04 Venezia Teatro Malibran FAUST (Faust)
05 Bologna Teatro Brunetti BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo)
06 Roma Teatro Nazionale FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro)
08/10 Buenos Aires Teatro San Martin FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / LUCREZIA BORGIA (Gennaro) / RIGOLETTO (Duca) / AIDA (Radames) / CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu) / BOHÈME (Rodolfo)
10 Buenos Aires Teatro Victoria BOHÈME (Rodolfo)
03 Odessa Teatro Municipale STAGIONE
03 Tiflis Teatro Nazionale FAUST (Faust)
12 Lisboa Teatro San Carlos AIDA (Radames) / CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu) / PAGLIACCI (Canio)
01/03 Lisboa Teatro San Carlos ANDREA CHÉNIER (Chénier) / FAUST (Faust) / LOHENGRIN (Lohengrin) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / RIGOLETTO (Duca) / BOHÈME (Rodolfo)
07/08 Santiago de Chile Teatro Municipal AIDA (Radames) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / LOHENGRIN (Lohengrin)
12 Lisboa Teatro San Carlos TANNHÄUSER (Tannhäuser)
01/03 Lisboa Teatro San Carlos HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / FAUST (Faust) / FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / RIGOLETTO (Duca) / SERRANA di A. Keil (Pedro)
04 Sevilla Teatro San Ferdinand AIDA (Radames) / GIOCONDA (Enzo) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
10 Roma Teatro Adriano HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
12 Trieste Teatro Comunale HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
04/06 Buenos Aires Politeama Argentino AIDA (Radames) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / GIOCONDA (Enzo) / ANDREA CHÉNIER (Chénier) / BOHÈME (Rodolfo) / CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)
08 Montevideo Teatro Solis AIDA (Radames) / GIOCONDA (Enzo) / LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
08/09 Montevideo Politeama GIOCONDA (Enzo) / CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
11 Madrid Teatro Reale AIDA (Radames)
11/12 Alessandria Politeama Grà HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
01/03 Madrid Teatro Reale HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo)
03/05 Lisboa Coliseo Recrejos AIDA (Radames) / BOHÈME (Rodolfo) / FAUST (Faust) / GIOCONDA (Enzo) / TROVATORE (Manrico) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / AFRICAINE (Vasco) / BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo) / ERNANI (Ernani)
08 Salsomaggiore Teatro Delle Terme CONCERTO
12 Madrid Teatro Reale AIDA (Radames) / TROVATORE (Manrico) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
01 Madrid Teatro Reale BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo)
03/04 Bari Teatro Petruzzelli DHEA di P. La Rotella (Permore) / TROVATORE (Manrico) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / AIDA (Radames)
08/10 Santiago de Chile Teatro Municipal AIDA (Radames) / TROVATORE (Manrico) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul) / ERNANI (Ernani) / LUCREZIA BORGIA (Gennaro) / AFRICAINE (Vasco)
10 Valparaiso Teatro Victoria AIDA (Radames)
12 Parma Teatro Regio FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro)
01 Parma Teatro Regio HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
03 Napoli Teatro San Carlo BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo) / LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
09 Bergamo Teatro Donizetti TROVATORE (Manrico)
12 Napoli Teatro San Carlo HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
  Ciudad de México Teatro Arbeu AIDA (Radames) / LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo) / TROVATORE (Manrico)
  Santiago de Chile Teatro Municipal GIOCONDA (Enzo) / LOHENGRIN (Lohengrin)
05 Lecce Politeama Greco BALLO IN MASCHERA (Riccardo)
11 Barcelona Teatro Liceo HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
12 Madrid Teatro Reale AIDA (Radames)
06 Roma Teatro Adriano FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / TROVATORE (Manrico)
09 Albano Teatro Comunale CONCERTO
11 Livorno Teatro Goldoni TROVATORE (Manrico)
01 Cremona Teatro Ponchielli TRAVIATA (Alfredo) / HUGUENOTS (Raoul)
10 Roma Teatro Adriano TRAVIATA (Alfredo)
11/12 Boston Opera House AIDA (Radames) / TROVATORE (Manrico)
01 Boston Opera House LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
01 Chicago Auditorium CONCERTO / TROVATORE (Manrico)
02 Springfield Auditorium PAGLIACCI (Canio)
05 New York Majestic House FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro) / TROVATORE (Manrico)
05 Washington Teatro National AIDA (Radames)
05 Pittsburgh Teatro Alvin AIDA (Radames) / TROVATORE (Manrico)
05 New York Brooklyn Theater CONCERTO
05 New York Peoples's Theater ZURO's GRAND OPERA COMPANY
06 New York Daly's Theater AIDA (Radames)
07 Roma Teatro Costanzi TROVATORE (Manrico)
  Foggia Teatro Dauno FORZA DEL DESTINO (Alvaro)
04 Velletri Teatro Comunale TROVATORE (Manrico)
10 Roma Teatro Manzoni LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (Edgardo)
04 Roma Teatro Nazionale CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Turiddu)

Fonotipia, Milano, 12 April 1907
xPh2536	Trovatore (Verdi): Di geloso amor (w. Chelotti & Corradetti)		unpublished

Fonotipia, Milano, 15 April 1907
xPh2545	Forza del destino (Verdi): Non imprecare (w. De Macchi, De Angelis)	unpublished

US Everlasting cylinders, New York City, date unknown
33015	Bohème (Puccini): Che gelida manina                                     33015
33016   Gioconda (Ponchielli): Cielo e mar                                      33016
33017   Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Troncar suoi dì (w. Alessandroni & Autori)    33017
021125  Otello (Verdi): Niun mi tema                                            021125
021130	Forza del destino (Verdi): O tu che in seno                             021130

Columbia, New York City, 1 April 1911
30709-1 Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Chi mi frena                           253, A5305, D16326, D17311
        (w. Wright, Wright-Heims & Alessandroni)
30710-1 Rigoletto (Verdi): Bella figlia dell'amore                              252, A5306
        (w. Wright, Wright-Heims & Alessandroni)

Columbia, New York City, 23 June 1911
30795-1 Faust (Gounod): All'erta (w. Wright-Heims & Alessandroni)		345, A5381

Edison, New York City, 17 July 1911
	Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Chi mi frena                           unpublished
	(w. Vicarino, Seirrietti, Gravina, Gentle & de la Sierra)

Edison, New York City, 18 July 1911
	Rigoletto (Verdi): Bella figlia dell'amore                              unpublished
	(w. Vicarino, Gentle & Seirrietti)

Columbia, New York City, July or August 1911
30809-2 Forza del destino (Verdi): Solenne in quest'ora (w. Alessandroni)       519, A5343

Columbia, New York City, 11 August 1911
30812-2 Trovatore (Verdi): Miserere (w. Villani)                                A5325, D16326, D17311

Columbia, New York City, 21 August 1911
30814-1 Aida (Verdi): O terra addio (w. Villani)                                425, A5331

Columbia, New York City, late August 1911
30817-1 Martha (Flotow): Solo, profugo (w. Alessandroni)                        A5343

Columbia, New York City, 2 August 1912
36426   Lombardi (Verdi): Qual voluttà (w. Alessandroni & Kaestner)             A5446

Columbia, New York City, December 1912
36503-3 Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Troncar suoi dì (w. Alessandroni & Bauer)     A5465

Phono-Cut, New York City, 1918?
        Aida (Verdi): Celeste Aida                                              601
        Rigoletto (Verdi): Questa o quella                                      638, 5078
        Tosca (Puccini): E lucevan le stelle                                    711, 5078
        Martha (Flotow): M'apparì                                               723
        Cavalleria rusticana (Mascagni): Viva il vino                           5109
        Otello (Verdi): Niun mi tema                                            5109
Source for the chronology, pictures and recording (Forza) the extraordinary website of Roberto Marcocci.

For the discography: Marcocci again; (defunct); Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien

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