Redento Comacchio

His first name is, and was perhaps already at his time, often spelled Redente. Both forms of this, however rare, Italian name exist, but his actual name was definitely Redento. He sang comprimario roles for the better part of his career, from the mid-1970s into the 1990s (often at the Teatro Regio in Torino); but in the 1960s and early 1970s, he was cast in roles such as Pollione and Manrico, for example in South Africa. He failed to please: at the Teatro Junín in Medellín (Colombia) in 1965, the loggionisti sang the high C in "Di quella pira" for him. And Dutch operagoers who had seen and heard a Norma production (premiered in Amsterdam and later shown throughout the country) in 1973 still kept shuddering some 35 years later at the memory of Comacchio as Pollione and Montserrat Aparici as Adalgisa; the two were so horrible and sang so badly out of tune that not even local heroine Cristina Deutekom could save the show, which ended in a riot. Comacchio was soon replaced by Umberto Borsò, who didn't fare much better, though.

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Redento Comacchio singsIl trovatore: Di quella pira
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