Gino Pasquale

Gino Pasquale sings La Juive: Rachel, quand du Seigneur
In RA format
Minor Italian tenor of the 1950s and 1960s. He would seem to have had a hard time establishing himself in the operatic business, so he sang a lot of comprimario parts, although he was basically a singer for leading roles. He did sing Turiddu with the Iskoldoff Italian Opera Company in Glasgow in 1955, and he sang a lot on the Italian radio RAI, either in aria concerts or in complete operas, in which latter he sang main roles in contemporary works and (again) small or smallest parts in the traditional repertory. I suppose that the above recording comes from one of his radio concerts – certainly a waste to employ such a tenor as a comprimario!

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I wish to thank Albert Scerri for the recording.

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