Fortunio Sancovy

Fortunio Sancovy sings Il trovatore: Ai nostri monti, with Alice Cucini

Mystery tenor. Two recordings, one of them with a prominent partner, are the only hint to his existence. No trace of any career. The name is funny, too: Fortunio is already a really rare first name – but Sancovy is not Italian at all, and in fact not a person name at all! He would seem to have been the one and only person ever called Sancovy... so it's quite probably a pseudonym. What I figure, but it's a long shot, is that he may have been called Sanković, which is a quite common name in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro; and particularly in Croatia, there were (and are) many Italian speakers – his Italian seems certainly idiomatic!
Gramophone, Milano 1907
10370 b	Trovatore (Verdi): Ai nostri monti (w. Cucini)	54332
10582 b	Trovatore (Verdi): Deserto sulla terra		2-52606, X-92403, Victor 52531
Reference for the discography: Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien
Reference for the recording

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