Enzo Stampa

One of the most obscure singers of all times... to prove his existence, there are just the two recordings listed below, as per their labels sung by "Signor E. Stampa". Roberto Bauer, who had certainly never seen those labels and didn't know about the "E.", ascribed them to Paul Stampa, completely erroneously of course, and this error has made its way into several later discographies. Roberto Marcocci has no file on Stampa on his website, but lists the two records in his rudimentary catalog of Italian Beka recordings – one, following Bauer, as sung by Paul Stampa, but for the other recording (the one below), he knows that it is sung by Enzo Stampa. So "E." means Enzo, at least if Marcocci was right, but he doesn't seem to have found material enough to compile one of his fantastic chronologies on Enzo Stampa, and that means: Enzo Stampa had obviously no career.

Which leaves three possibilities: 1. an amateur, 2. a chorister, 3. a pseudonym. Given the quality of the voice production and interpretation, I opt for 3, but cannot prove it of course.

Enzo Stampa sings Il trovatore: Di quella pira
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Beka, Milano, March 1909
42033	Il trovatore (Verdi): Di quella pira		42033
42035	Il trovatore (Verdi): Ah sì, ben mio		42035

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