Enzo Stuarti

Picture of Enzo Stuarti

Born Lorenzo Scapone in Rome on March 3rd, 1919. After Mussolini came to power in 1922, his parents fled to the USA, leaving the child behind with an aunt. Only in 1934, he could join his parents in Newark, NJ. After a few years in the service of the US Merchant Marine, he studied voice in Rome and became a Broadway singer under the names Larry Laurence, Larry Lawrence and Larry Stuart. Late in 1954, he changed his stage name to Enzo Stuarti, and started a crossover career as a "semi-classical artist", enjoying some success (also on record) from 1960 into the 1970s. He retired only in 2004, and died in Midland on December 16th, 2005.

Enzo Stuarti sings Aida: Celeste Aida
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