Victor Brescia

Victor Brescia singsPagliacci: Si può
In RA format

Victor Brescia singsAndrea Chénier: Nemico della patria
In RA format
I would like to thank Victor Brescia for the recordings.
In 1951, an aspiring baritone called Victor Brescia participated in the Metropolitan Auditions of the Air. Since that competition was, in those years, a steppingstone almost exclusively for New Yorkers, it's likely that Brescia came from there; further evidence is his single other appearance that I was able to trace, an operatic concert together with two more young singers in October 1951 at Barnard College (which is in New York City, as well).

Some 45 years later, François Nouvion, this site's founder, got the two above recordings from a completely unknown private citizen called Victor Brescia... beyond doubt, they are from those 1951 Auditions of the Air! Quite exciting rarities, and how amazing that he didn't have a career, with that beautiful (if unfinished) voice and exquisite sense of drama.

Reference: Barnard Bulletin, 18 October 1951

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