Lelio Casini

1865 Pisa – 22 October 1910 Volterra

Lelio Casini singsTanto mesto per il ciel saliva un canto di fanciulla (Stornellata) (composer unknown)
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Casini's career was short but spectacular. Having made his debut at Christmas 1886 in his native Pisa, he sang around Tuscany for the first few years, but then he conquered the large stages of Italy, and soon Paris, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas...

At age 37, in 1902, it was all over: a throat disease forced him to retire. For a few years, he taught voice; his most prominent pupils were Titta Ruffo, Giuseppe Taccani and Emilio Ghirardini. In 1908, Casini lost his mind; he died in an insane asylum.

His records were made at and after the end of his career, in 1902 and 1903, and don't always show him to his best advantage. They are very rare, and the above blue Zonophone (which is perhaps his best) was one of the gems of François Nouvion's collection.

Reference: Kutsch & Riemens

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