Daniele Godor

Picture of Daniele Godor

Picture of Daniele Godor

German author, film producer and amateur singer with a beautiful timbre. His initial tenor efforts are to be found here, however, he fared better in in baritone key.

Why and how anybody living in the early 21st century would sing the Giovinezza, the party hymn of Mussolini's Italian Fascists (and thus the Italian equivalent of the German Horst-Wessel-Lied), is definitely beyond me; it must be either a political statement in favour of fascism, or an involuntary statement of almost criminal political naiveté (cf. also Godor's articles, some of which displayed a pretty similar ambiguity with regard to fascism). Either way, that's how Mr. Godor wanted to present himself on this site, and so be it.

Daniele Godor sings Serenata

Daniele Godor sings Giovinezza (Blanc)
I would like to thank Daniele Godor for the recordings.

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