Sherrill Milnes

Typically, one recording of US baritone Sherrill Milnes is worse than the other: a voice production and diction that seem like a commercial for chewing gum, zero musicality, zero delicacy; and piano, what's that supposed to mean?

But believe it or not, early in his career, Milnes could be really spectacular at times, primarily because of his top notes. In this live recording of Rigoletto's last phrase, he interpolates a high B natural (that's what tenors have to sing at the end of Nessun dorma), and with stunning ease; most baritones are more than happy if they make the high A in that phrase.

Sherrill Milnes sings Rigoletto: Gilda, mia Gilda! È morta
In RA format
Before wobbling.
But lest we forget what soon became of Milnes...
Sherrill Milnes sings Andrea Chénier: Nemico della patria
In RA format
A real connoisseur audience!

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