Carlo Del Corso

San Giuliano Terme 1888 – San Giuliano Terme 1977

Picture of Carlo Del Corso

Del Corso was a baritone for most of his career, singing at both middle-sized and minor opera theaters throughout Italy, but also abroad (France, Spain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Malta and so on), from 1913 to 1931. He came back as a tenor in 1933, singing heavy roles like Otello and Pollione, mostly at venues of the same size as before, but in 1934 even at the Met (8 performances).
Whether or not he recorded is highly doubtful. Roberto Marcocci lists one single (baritone) recording on Phonodisc Mondial by him; but Robert Johannesson (on his defunct website had that same recording listed under "Signor Del Corso, bass", and as originally made by Pathé in 1907 – which would be too early for Carlo Del Corso, who made his debut only in 1913! Also, the voice on that Del Corso recording is positively horrible; it has one of the worst wobbles ever on record, and seems definitely not to belong to a young man (a voice student, actually, if it's really from 1907). Bottom line, I for one think that the sig. Del Corso on that Phonodisc Mondial record is a different one, and that Carlo Del Corso never recorded.

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