Jerzy Granowski

22 December 1902 Józefatów – 22 October 1990 Warsaw

Picture of Jerzy Granowski

He studied at the Warsaw conservatory and made his debut with a military opera ensemble as Frank in Moniuszko's Flis in 1927.

He spent the next years with touring opera companies, in revues and in smaller opera theaters. In 1936, he became a comprimario at the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw; in operetta, he would sing main roles.

During the Nazi occupation of Poland, he interrupted his career, worked as a waiter – and for the Polish resistance movement.

From 1946, he sang opera again, first at the Municipal Drama Theater in Warsaw, then again with the nonresident Wielki troupe (the building of the theater had been destroyed during the war and was still all ashes and rubble). Now he was a lead tenor: Pinkerton, Jontek, Stefan (Straszny dwór), Jeník, Cavaradossi, German, Pedrillo. He was renowned for his acting abilities. He sang until 1961.

Reference: Teatr Wielki archives

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