Ernst Neubert

Picture of Ernst Neubert
Ernst Neubert is missing from all reference works, so about his biography, only few facts could be traced. The only context in which his name regularly appears nowadays is the Leipzig world premiere of Ernst Krenek's Leben des Orest (19 January 1930), in which he sang the lead tenor role of Agamemnon.

Neubert must have been based in Leipzig at that time; the Leipzig artist Karl Walther, specializing in portraits of musicians, left a painting of Neubert, and he also sang in concerts with the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra in the 1927/28 season. Before that, he seems to have been a member of the Magdeburg theater (he sang Florestan there on March 24th, 1927, without being referred to as a guest, so he obviously belonged to the troupe in that season). Earlier still, he sang at the Rostock theater, which he left together with director (and conductor) Ludwig Neudeck; he had sung the title role in the first Rostock Rienzi on 13 February 1925, and was Stolzing in Neudeck's farewell performance at the closing of the 1924/25 season; a reviewer in Die Musik, on that occasion, called Neubert the foremost among the singers educated to the grand Wagner style by Neudeck in the seven years of his term as a director. The latest notice that I find about Neubert is a new Tannhäuser production in Beuthen (today Polish Bytom) with him in the title role in the 1933/34 season.

I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the picture.

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