Lev Nevler

19 June 1914 Ekaterinburg – 9 August 1989 Ekaterinburg
In 1939 graduated from the musical college in his home town (then called Sverdlovsk). In 1939–40, he studied at the Ural State Conservatory.

He had a very expressive lyric tenor voice and engrossing stage performance. Nevler was known for his meticulous work on every role, and for his ability to completely change his demeanor according to the characteristics and nature of the role that he was performing.

His debut was in 1938 on the stage of Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet Theater, while he was still a student at the conservatory. He performed at the Sverdlovsk Opera until 1944. In 1943, he was invited to work at Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy. Among his best roles: Barinkay, Alfred, Radjami, Edwin, Pâris. He also performed many roles in works by contemporary Soviet composers: Akhmet in "Tabachnyj kapitan" (by V. Shcherbachjov), Kukushkin in "Bronzovyj bjust" (by I. Kovner), Janko in "Volnyj veter" (by I. Dunajevskyj), Tokmakov in "Devichij perepolokh" (by Ju. Miljutin) and others. Nevler also successfully worked as a stage director.

Many thanks to Igor Milner for the biographical notes and the pictures.

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