André Simon

André Simon

1936 Marseille – 27 February 2020 Marseille

Picture of André Simon

Simon's long career of 45 years developed from main roles in operetta to operatic (and other) comprimario parts at the Marseille opera, where he had also started out at the operatic studio. He had his first regular contract in Avignon, and when doing his military in Besançon, he auditioned at the opera theater, where retired baritone Pierre Nougaro was director, and was immediately engaged – Nougaro used his contacts to reduce Simon's military duties to four hours from 8 to 12, and the rest of the day, he was free to be a tenor. When Nougaro became also director of the Rennes opera theater in 1966, together with his daughter Alina, Simon sang also there... and married Alina Nougaro.

Selected performances:
Vichy, Théâtre du Grand Casino: Die lustige Witwe (in French), role: Camille de Rosillon

Avignon, Opéra-théâtre: La vie parisienne
Marseille, Opéra: Les cloches de Corneville, role: Grenicheux

Avignon, Opéra-théâtre: La mascotte
Avignon, Opéra-théâtre: Passionément (by Messager)
Nantes, Théâtre Graslin: Les vingt-huit jours de Clairette (by Roger)

Avignon, Opéra-théâtre: Die Fledermaus (in French)

Tours, Grand Théâtre: La vie parisienne, role: Brésilien

Marseille, Opéra: Falstaff, role: Bardolfo
Marseille, Opéra: La vie parisienne, role: Brésilien

Marseille, Opéra: La belle Hélène, role: Achille

Marseille, Opéra: Die Fledermaus (in French), role: Frank (!)
Marseille, Opéra: Hello Dolly (in French), role: Rudolph

Marseille, Opéra: Nabucco, role: Abdallo

Marseille, Opéra: Falstaff, role: Bardolfo

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I want to thank Georges Cardol for the picture.

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