Robert Vaillant

Robert Vaillant

Picture of Robert Vaillant

This is the rare case of a singer for whose existence there is not a single proof on the whole wide internet, apart from the above photo; but also several truly knowledgeable collectors and experts that I've asked all responded the same: never heard that name.

So all that can be said at the moment is that, according to what Georges Cardol, the eminent Belgian collector, once told the founder of this site, Robert Vaillant was a French tenor who never recorded. Plus: the photo is signed "Hubert Coulon"; Coulon was a photographer specializing in musician portraits, and he had his studio in Algiers when it was a French colony. So Robert Vaillant would appear to have sung in French Algeria; but that's just a guess.

I want to thank Georges Cardol for the picture.

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