Henryk Drzewiecki

19 January 1871 Kutno – 4 October 1937 Wyszków

Henryk Drzewiecki sings Janek: Gdy ślub weźmiesz z twoim Stachem
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Drzewiecki studied both law and singing in St. Petersburg. He made his doctorate in law, and went for further voice studies to Venice and Milano. He made his debut in 1899 in Valencia as Duca, sang the following year in Venice, Modena and Livorno and then went back to Poland, where he spent the rest of his operatic career between Lemberg/Lviv, Krakow and – primarily – Warsaw.

In 1905, he became a member of the Warsaw bar association, and was now both a singer and a lawyer. In 1916, he quit the stage and focused on his law career, first still as a lawyer, but soon as a judge in Radom, and from 1921 as a notary in Wyszków.

How the tale came about that he was later a notary in Las Vegas, I don't know; in any case, it's wrong, and Drzewiecki stayed in Wyszków until his death, also publishing scholarly treatises about the history of notaryship in Poland.

Picture source: Forgotten Opera Singers

I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording.

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