Dmitrij Bobrov

born 14 November 1975 Malakhovka

Dmitrij Bobrov singsZhizn za tsarja: Bratsy v metel

While still studying at the Chajkovskij Conservatory in Moscow, Bobrov made his debut as Almaviva in Nozze di Figaro in a performance at the conservatory – as a baritone, thus. As such, he sang primarily in concert for the first few years, then he was a member of the opera houses of Perm (2005–10) and Samara (2010–14). He was a baritone with a strained top. In 2014, mysteries of art, he decided it was time for a change, and he became a tenor with a strained top.

In his new register, he sang at two small Moscow theaters, the Theater on Basmannaja Street and above all the Novaja Opera (2010–12 and from 2014 onwards), where he sang roles as small as Abdallo in Nabucco or the Third Jew in Salome, and as large as Edgardo, Grigorij and Sobinin.

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