Nikolaj Gutorovich

Born on the 14th of February, 1937 in Kiev. Acclaimed Artist of the Russian Soviet Socialistic Republic (1979). Graduated from Moscow State Conservatory in 1966 (class of V. G. Shushlin). In 1962, he received a diploma in the Second All-USSR Glinka Vocalists Competition.

Soloist of the K. S. Stanislavskij and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Musical Theater from 1965 to 2017, for 30 of those years in a leading position. He performed many roles, both main and secondary: Lenskij, Triquet, Vodemon, Antonio and Don Kherom (both in Obruchenie v monastyre/Betrothal in a monastery by Prokofyev), Prince, Almaviva, Rodolfo, des Grieux (Massenet), Paris, Beppo, Rodrigo (Otello by Verdi), Chekalinskij. Received honorary diplomas from the Ministry of Culture of the USSR for the roles of Vodemon and Soldier ("Virinea" by Sergej Slonimskij).

Gave many concerts, performed with the best orchestras in the country and with many great conductors: K. Kondrashin, G. Rozhdestvenskij, R. Barshaj, D. Kitaenko. Was frequently invited to make recordings got the Musical Recordings Fund of the USSR. Made tours abroad: Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, Poland, Yugoslavia. In 1989, he made an LP with old romances together with Lidija Zakharenko.

In 1977, he took part in the shooting of an anecdotal musical, a situation comedy – an operetta by Jacques Offenbach "Un mari à la porte", the producer of which was Mikhail Dotlibov.

Gutorovich was a performer with amazing charm, great acting talent, and a masterful control of his voice.

Nikolaj Gutorovich singsUn mari à la porte: Florestan Ducroquet, voilà Mesdames, in Russian

Nikolaj Gutorovich singsTolko uznal ja tebja (Glinka)
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