Konstantin Stepanovich Isachenko


Konstantin Isachenko was born on March 5th, 1882 in Lomakovka, Starodubskij district, into a peasant family. Like many future singers, Isachenko sang in a church choir during his childhood. He was heard by the well-known vocal teacher and professor at the St. Petersburg conservatory, Rubets, who gave him his first singing lessons. 1902–1908, Isachenko took lessons at the St. Petersburg conservatory with the famous teacher S. Gabel.

From 1908 (debut role: Lenskij), Isachenko sang at the Narodnij Dom in St. Petersburg, where he performed until 1911. 1911–12, Isachenko sang in Kiev, and from 1912 again in St. Petersburg, where he performed practically in all opera theatres of the city.

In 1911, Isachenko undertook a tour through Europe (Monte-Carlo, Milan, Paris, London), where he sang in the Russian seasons of S. Diaghilev.

His repertory consisted of Bajan, Finn, Prince, Don Juan (Kamennyj gost), Golitsin, Scrivener, Grigorij, Vladimir, Sinodal, Vladimir Dubrovskij, Indian Guest, Lykov, Mozart, Faust, Duca, Fenton, Rodolfo, Stolzing, Gérald, Léopold, Ereklye, Alfredo, Berendej, Almaviva, David, Young Gypsy, Shujskij etc.

When he stopped singing, Isachenko became a reknowned vocal pedagogue. He was professor at the Leningrad conservatory (1918–1929 and 1938–1953). One of his students was Geft. From 1941 to 1945, Isachenko was head of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Baltic Fleet.

He made a few records in 1908 and 1911.

Isachenko died on March 12th, 1959 in Leningrad.

Konstantin Isachenko sings Ja zhdu tebja (Meyer-Helmund)
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Konstantin Isachenko singsDubrovskij: O daj mne zabvenye (O give me oblivion)
Zonophone Record, X-62745, mtx.: 7441 l, Moscow, 1908, 77 rpm, 2.5 TE
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Konstantin Isachenko singsMajskaja noch: Spi, moja krasavitsa (Sleep, my beauty)
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I wish to thank Otto Striebel for the recording (Dubrovskij).
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures, biographical notes and recordings (Majskaja noch, Ja zhdu tebja).

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