Andrij Ishchenko

While Andrij Ishchenko was drafted, his vocal gifts were dicovered. He was advised to study voice at a conservatory.

Ishchenko started his studies in 1959 at the Kiev conservatory with Rimma Razumova.

He was a soloist at the Kiev Opera. He sang both leading roles like Cavaradossi, Alfredo, Edgardo, Lenskij, des Grieux (in Manon) or Werther, and secondary roles like Cassio.

In 1975, Ishchenko sang in the world premiere of Jaroslav Mudryj by Heorhij Majboroda (1913–1992) at the Kyiv opera house. His role was the second tenor Zhurejko, a stone-mason.

In 1985, Ishchenko had to stop singing due to health reasons. He died in Kiev on 2 June 2005.

Andrij Ishchenko singsNatalka Poltavka: Sontse nysenko

Andrij Ishchenko singsRafaehl: Strastyu i negoju serdtse trepeshchet
I wish to thank Igor Milner for the recordings.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for his help.

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