David Juzhin


Picture of David Juzhin
David Juzhin as Roméo

Picture of David Juzhin with N. Juzhina
David Juzhin with Natalija Jermolenko-Juzhina

Picture of David Juzhin as Raoul
David Juzhin as Raoul

Picture of David Juzhin as Duca
David Juzhin as Duca

David Juzhin sings Les huguenots: Plus blanche que la blanche hermine, in Russian
In RA format

David Juzhin sings Les huguenots: Tu l'as dit with Natalija Jermolenko-Juzhina in Russian

David Juzhin sings Martha: Angel moj
In RA format

David Juzhin sings Il trovatore: Di quella pira, in Russian
In RA format

David Juzhin sings La Gioconda: Cielo e mar, in Russian

Biographical notes

David Juzhin was one of best-known Russian tenors. David Juzhin had a very powerful and large voice. David Juzhin was born in 1863 in a small village near Ekaterinoslav (nowadays Dnipro). David Juzhin studied singing with the cantor Afanasiev in Taganrog (near Rostov-on-Don) in the South of Russia. David Juzhin began to sing in the church chorus. The real start of his studies was in St. Petersburg with Leonova and Sefferi. David Juzhin perfected his skills in Italy with S. Capelli and P. Vidal. David Juzhin made his debut in 1896 at Samara. Until 1900, David Juzhin sang at Kazan, Perm, Kharkiv, Odessa. From 1900 to 1908, David Juzhin sang at the Bolshoj in Moscow, where he made his debut as Raoul. Next, David Juzhin sang at the Mariinskij in St. Petersburg. From 1908 to 1912, David Juzhin sang with the Zimin opera company in Moscow. In 1902, David Juzhin went on tour in Italy singing in Florence, and Turin. In Italy, David Juzhin sang in the premiere of "Consuelo" by the composer Alfonso Rendano. In 1907, he sang in South America; in 1909, he sang in Brussels. His contemporaries compared his voice with that of Tamagno. His repertory included: Raoul, Enzo, Turiddu, Radames, Alfredo, Duca, Roméo, Faust. From 1912 on, David Juzhin managed his own opera company, where he was the leading singer. In 1919, David Juzhin organized the first permament opera house in Samara. 1901 to 1910, David Juzhin recorded about 90 sides for Berliner, Pathé, Columbia, and Gramophone. David Juzhin died in Moscow in 1923. His spouse was the famous dramatic soprano Natalija Jermolenko.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures, biographical notes and recording (Huguenots duo).
I wish to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the Gioconda recording.
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recordings (Martha, Huguenots aria).

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