Aleksandr Mikhailovich Karenzin

His real name was Mochkov. He appeared particularly on Moscow stages. He sang at the Zimin opera from 1904 to 1912, at the Bolshoj Theater in 1907, at the opera of Perm in 1914, at the Narodnij Dom in St, Petersburg from 1914 to 1916 and at the theater of Rostov on Don. In 1912 he made a guest appearance in Hamburg.

He sang the roles of Bajan (Ruslan and Ljudmila), Vladimir, Sinodal, Lenskij, Tsar Berendej, Indian Guest, Muri (Syn mandarina/The mandarin's son by C. Cui), Agafon (Vrazhya sila/The power of the fiend by A. Serov), Count Almaviva, Alfredo, Duca, Gerald (Lakmé), Arlecchino (Pagliacci), Marquis de Chateauneuf (Zar und Zimmermann by A. Lortzing) and Grigorij (Boris Godunov). In 1901, he gave concerts with F. Shaljapin in Orjol, Tambov and Tverskaja. He made approximately 130 records (sometimes under the pseudonym Ivanov) for the Gramophone Company (Zonophone) 1906–1911, Beka (1907), RAOG, Syrena und Pathé (1912). All are very rare.

Aleksandr Karenzin sings Evgenij Onegin: Kuda, kuda vy udalilis
Zonophone Record, X-2-62648, mtx.: 1187 r, Moscow, June 1906, 73 rpm, 2.8 TE stylus
In RA format

Aleksandr Karenzin sings Rusalka (Dargomyzhskij): Mne vsjo zdes na pamjat (Unwillingly to these sad shores)
Zonophone Record, X-2-62486, mtx.: 14236 b, Moscow, 9. February 1910, 78 rpm, 3.2 TE stylus
In RA format

Aleksandr Karenzin sings Faust: Salut, demeure, in Russian
In RA format
I wish to thank Otto Striebel for the recordings (Onegin, Rusalka) and the biographical notes.
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording (Faust).

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