Igor Kartavenko

Igor Kartavenko singsDer Zigeunerbaron: Ja, das alles auf Ehr', in Russian

Born on the 16th of August, 1911 in the city of Pochel in the Brjansk region of Russia.

Acclaimed Artist of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic (1965).

Graduated from the Minsk conservatory in Belorussia in 1949, where he had studied in the class of N. Bondarenko. Started his singing career in the famous Ukrainian "Dumka" choir in Kiev in 1932.

1939–1941, he performed with the Belarussian Military District Singing and Dancing Army Ensemble (Minsk). During World War II, he performed with the army ensembles of the Western and later the 3rd Belarussian Fronts.

1946–47, he was a soloist of the Minsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

1949–50, he performed with the famous Red Army Aleksandrov Ensemble.

1950–51, he sang at the Moscow Philharmonic. 1951–1972, he sang on the All-USSR Radio.

Among his very vast repertoire were Belarussian and Russian folk songs, romances by Ukrainian composers (K. Stetsenko, M. Lysenko, V. Zaremba, O. Chishko, V. Kosenko, A. Shtogarenko, P. Majboroda), romances by Russian composers (Aljabyev, Arenskij, Grechaninov, Rachmaninoff, Dargomyzhskij, Chajkovskij), as well as vocal works by Western composers (Schumann, Schubert, Beethoven, Gounod, Grieg, Massenet).

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