Oleksandr Mykolajevych Korobejchenko

March 5 (17), 1900 – April 11, 1971

Picture of Oleksandr Korobejchenko
Picture of Oleksandr Korobejchenko
Picture of Oleksandr Korobejchenko
Korobejchenko was born in Kiev on March 5th, 1900.

He studied singing at the Kharkiv conservatory in the class of Muravieva. Approximately at the same time, Ivan Kozlovskyj studied there.

He made his debut in 1925 in Natalka Poltavka, and he sang the first Calaf in Kharkiv.

His best years were spent at the Donetsk opera house. There he sang more than 50 roles.

Korobejchenko had approximately 90 roles in his repertory.

He sang several roles in modern works for the first time in the USSR.

His repertory included: Duca, Lohengrin, Faust, German, ...

The singer was not well known in the USSR as he had a very independent character, and frequently had conflicts with the authorities. He refused to sing at a dinner for Kliment Voroshilov (the Soviet Secretary of Defense from 1925 to 1940).

He sang for the last time in Donetsk in 1960 as Faust.

He taught singing, and one of his students was Anatolij Solovyanenko.

Korobejchenko recorded very very little, what we have below is just about half of his recorded output.

Following a long illness, he died on April 11, 1971. At his death, his widow Natalia Grishkovskaja recalls that the Donetsk Opera, where he sang, refused to have a car transport his coffin.
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Oleksandr Korobejchenko singsDe ty brodysh, moja dole (Pysarevskyj), with Mykhajlo Hryshko

Oleksandr Korobejchenko singsPovij, vitre, na Vkrainu (Aleksandrova)
In RA format
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures, and recording (Povij vitre na Vkrainu).
Reference for the recording (De ty brodysh moja dole) the outstanding Russian Records website.

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