Mikhail Kurzhijamskij

Picture of Mikhail Kurzhijamskij  as Bajan
Mikhail Kurzhijamskij as Bajan

Mikhail Kurzhijamskij singsDubrovskij: O daj mne zabvenye (O give me oblivion)
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Mikhail Kurzhijamskij singsTosca: E lucevan le stelle, in Russian
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Biographical notes

Mikhail Kurzhijamskij was born on November 4th, 1887 in Odessa. His father was a railway guard. 1895 to 1899, he studied at a religious school, and sang in the choir. From 1907 to 1911, Mikhail Kurzhijamskij studied singing at the Moscow conservatory in the class of Masetti. Kurzhijamskij made his debut in 1909 singing a solo in a Schubert mass under Ippolitov-Ivanov. He made his opera debut as Adolar (in Euryanthe) at the Bolshoj in 1911. 1914–1919 and 1924–27, he was a member of the Bolshoj. 1919–1921, he sang in Odessa, and 1921–24 in Kiev. Among his best parts were: Vladimir (Knjaz Igor), Bajan (Ruslan i Ljudmila), Dubrovskij, Lenski, Levko, Roméo, Duca, and Cavaradossi. Already from 1922, Kurzhijamskij worked for the radio, and was involved in the first broadcast from the Bolshoj in 1925. As a singer, he retired in early 1927 with his voice still intact, and worked henceforth only for the radio as a sound engineer; all in all, he spent 40 years with the Russian radio. Kurzhijamskij died in Moscow on November 16th, 1964. He made a lot of records (about 40) between 1906 and 1912.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures, biographical notes and recording (Tosca).

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