Aleksej Pavlovich Martynov

born March 4, 1947 Moscow

Martynov graduated from the Gnesin State Musical College in 1970 with a diploma for violin. In 1976, he graduated with honours from the Moscow Conservatory as a singer. From 1972 onwards, he recorded many hours of music for Gosteleradio: opera, operetta, oratorio, cantatas, duets, romances and songs of composers from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, folk songs, recordings of symphonic, chamber, folk, and pop music.

He won a second prize at the International Vocal Competition in Budapest, Hungary in 1975, and a fourth prize at the International Vocal Competition in Aldborough, England in 1978.

He worked for the Shubertovskogo music company in Moscow. After his career, he taught singing at the Chajkovskij Conservatory in Moscow.

With the Aleksandrov Ensemble, he recorded Na solnechnoj poljanochke/In a sunny forest clearing (music: V.Solovjov-Sedoj) and Dorogi/Roads (music: A. Novikov). In the old time, Aleksandrov preferred tenors with a big voice to soar over the chorus and orchestra as soloists. The new Aleksandrov ensemble seems to differ from that view, as we can hear in the recordings by Martynov.
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Aleksej Martynov singsPesnja o kosmicheskoj chajke (Song about the space seagull) (Listov)
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for his help in preparing this material.

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