Aleksandr Matveevich Matveev

Aleksandr Matveevich Matveev was born on August 11, 1876 in Moscow. He trained first in a technical school. Matveev began to sing in a church choir under the direction of F. Ivanov. He studied singing with F. Andreevski in Moscow and S. Gabel in St. Petersburg.

Aleksandr Matveev made his debut in 1902 at Tiflis and had great success. Successful performances followed in Kharkiv and St. Petersburg, where he sang at the Mariinskij from 1906 to 1908 and again from 1910 to 1917. His first performance at the Mariinskij was as Radames (November 14, 1906 with N. Ermolenko-Juzhina, E. Petrenko, A. Smirnov, I. Grigorovich, K. Serebrjakov, A. Ivanov). Other roles he sang there: Raoul, José, Sadko, both Siegfrieds, Sobinin, Achior (Judif/Judith by Serov), Grigorij, Tristan, Tucha, Samson, Levko, Gvidon, and Vakula. His last performance at the Mariinskij was on April 29, 1917 as Levko with A. Beljanin, D. Zbrueva, V. Losev, M. Markovich, G. Ugrinovich, and V. Sharonov.

1908–10 and 1920–22, he sang at the Bolshoj.

From 1917 to 1922, Matveev is supposed to have sung at the Grand Opéra in Paris, but no confirmation could be found. 1922 to 1932, Matveev went on tour through Russia.

His favorite roles included José, Néron, Faust, Otello, Raoul, Éléazar, Samson, Vasco, and Rienzi.

1903–1910, Matveev made more than 70 records, however these records are now extremely rare. He recorded mostly for Gramophone (1903) and Pathé (1912).

Aleksandr Matveev died on December 3, 1961 in Moscow.

Aleksandr Matveev singsAida: Milaja Aida
In RA format

Aleksandr Matveev singsAida: Pur ti riveggo, with Vera Klopotovskaja in Russian
In RA format

Aleksandr Matveev singsNéron: O pechal i toska
In RA format
Discography (pretty complete but not entirely)

Zonophone (Rebikov Records)
650	Torna								X-6261
717     Neron: O sadness and longing					X-62569
719     Demon: Stances
720     I still ache with desire
721     The sweet scent of lilac
722     Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba					X-62571
724     Aida: Celeste Aida						X-62572
905     Aida: Celeste Aida						X-62504
906     Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba					X-62598
909     Carmen: La fleur						X-62599
968     Ja istomlek otradanem						X-62601

Gramophone 1903
1486C   Neron: Glory to thee, god Hymen                     		2-22108, 62184
1487C   The winds are blowing                               		2-22111, 62171
1488½C  I still ache with desire					2-22121
1488C   I still ache with desire                            		2-22121X, 62172
1568z   In the dawn of my misty youth                       		2-22576, X-62393
1545z   Rogneda: Ruald's aria                               		2-22599, X-62394
1546z   I will saddle the horse                             		2-22628, X-62395
1547z   Barcarole (Gounod)                                  		2-22629, X-62396
1569z   Severnaja zvezda/The North Star (Glinka)                	2-22633, X-62440	
128Hp   Néron: O sadness and longing					022053
140Hp   Jocelyn: Berceuse						022060
130Hp   Les huguenots: Plus blanche					022061
129Hp   Fate (opera by Bukke): Aria					022068
1530C   Faust: Duo with KLOPOTOVSKAJA					24242
1527B   Faust: Ne permettrez-vous pas			 		24246
1547B   Faust: À moi les plaisirs with PREOBRAZHENSKIJ			24247
1601z   Andrea Chénier: Vicino a te with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			24307, X-64206
1617z   The heavy stone	with PREOBRAZHENSKIJ				24326
1561z   Rusalka: Persistent gloomy thoughts with KLOPOTOVSKAJA		24341, X-64207	
1618z   Rusalka: Duo part 1 with PREOBRAZHENSKIJ			24344
1619z   Rusalka: Duo part 2 with PREOBRAZHENSKIJ			24345
1563z   Aida: La fatal pietra with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			24355
1563z   Aida: Morir sì pura e bella with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			24356
148Hp   Andrea Chénier: Udite! Sono sola with KLOPOTOVSKAJA		024006
147Hp   Oprichnik: Let's make a quick end with KLOPOTOVSKAJA		024007
134Hp   Aida: Pur ti riveggo with KLOPOTOVSKAJA				024008
156Hp   Days gone by with PREOBRAZHENSKIJ				024009
138Hp   Les huguenots: Ô ciel, où courez-vous? with KLOPOTOVSKAJA	024010
136Hp   Aida: Aida! Tu non m'ami with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			024011
133Hp   Faust: Il se fait tard with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			024012
144Hp   Zhizn za tsarja: Trio with KLOPOTOVSKAJA and PREOBRAZHENSKIJ 	024013
145Hp   Rusalka: Trio with KLOPOTOVSKAJA and PREOBRAZHENSKIJ		024014
135Hp   Aida: Fuggiam gli ardori with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			024015
139Hp   Il trovatore: Miserere with KLOPOTOVSKAJA			024016
146Hp   Faust: Alerte! Alerte! with KLOPOTOVSKAJA and PREOBRAZHENSKIJ	024017
146½Hp  Faust: Alerte! Alerte! with KLOPOTOVSKAJA and PREOBRAZHENSKIJ	024017X
Pathé 1912
27311	Carmen: La fleur						27311
27312	Cavalleria rusticana: Siciliana					27312
27313	Dubrovskij: Romance						27313
27314	Les huguenots: Air de Raoul					27314
27315   Rigoletto: Ballade						27315
27316   Demon: Romance of Sinodal					27316
27317   Samson et Dalila: Hymne						27317
27318   Aida: Celeste Aida						27318
27319   Cavalleria rusticana: Brindisi					27319	
27320   Otello: Addio							27320
27321   Les huguenots: Entrée de Raoul					27321	
27322   Night (traditional)						27322
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recordings (Néron, Aida duet).
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the biographical notes and recording (Aida aria).

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