Nikolaj Ivanovich Nagachevskij

1890 (or 1895) – 1941
Nagachevskij was born in 1890 (other sources state 1895) in Tsibirika in the region of Kalorash in Moldavia.

He studied at the seminary in Chişinău. During this period, he sang in the choir of an opera company visiting Chişinău.

He studied singing at the Moscow conservatory in the class of V. Zarudnoj, finishing in 1917.

The same year, Nagachevskij started to sing with the B. Belousovoj Company in Chişinău, becoming its manager in 1919. Later he joined the Cluj opera.

In 1925, Nagachevskij sang again in Chişinău, in some productions he performed with Lydia Lipkowska. He made his debut as producer with Evgenij Onegin.

Then he sang in Vienna (Volksoper); in 1928 in Chişinău at the Ekspress Opera, where he also produced Faust.

In 1929, he graduated from the Bucharest conservatory. In the same year, he was invited to Belgrade, where he sang Pinkerton.

In December 1930, he sang with the Russian Opera in Paris (Théâtre des Champs-Élysées) with Fjodor Shaljapin in Sadko (as the Indian guest), and Knjaz Igor (as Vladimir Igorevich).

As a member of that company, he toured the major cities of France, Italy and Spain.

In Paris, Nagachevskij organized a vocal quartet, performing mostly during the summer in the cities of France. In 1934 he toured Switzerland, in the winter of that year he sang again at the Cluj opera.

His repertory contained: Lenskij, Berendej, Faust, Almaviva, Alfredo, Cavaradossi, Indian Guest, Vladimir, Pinkerton, ...

Nagachevskij was also a well-known concert singer. His repertory included works by Schubert, Rossini, Mozart, Chajkovskij, Rachmaninoff, Glier. In Vienna, he gave a concert together with Ja. Gorskij, with Russian music.

1940–41, he was head of the vocal department at the Chişinău conservatory.

Nikolaj Nagachevskij sings Boris Godunov: Dmitrij! Tsarevich!, with Elena Sadoven

Nikolaj Nagachevskij sings Sadko: Ne schest almazov v kamennykh pishcherakh (Song of the Indian Guest)
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings.

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