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Joseph Rogatchewsky (Iosif Zakharovich Rogachevskij, to be found in various Western transliterations, among which the one used here seems to be what he preferred himself) was born in Myrhorod (Ukraine) on November 20th, 1891. At 18 years old, he went to Paris in order to study voice at the conservatory. In WWI, he volunteered in the French army and was wounded several times.

His debut took place in Toulouse in 1922, and he was hired by the Opéra-Comique the same year. In 1924, he came to the Monnaie in Brussels (debut role: Werther), which should remain his artistic home, although he continued to guest at the Opéra-Comique. His career was centered in the French-speaking countries, but not limited to them; he sang at the Vienna State Opera (1929 and 1930), at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, in Amsterdam and at the New York City Opera (José in 1944).

When his career was over, he stayed in Belgium as a voice teacher in Mons, and was the director of the Monnaie from 1953 to 1959. He died on March 31st, 1985.

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Joseph Rogatchewsky sings Spi, maljutka moj prekrasnyj (Grechaninov)

Joseph Rogatchewsky sings Knjaz Igor: Medlenno den ugasal (Daylight is fading)
In RA format

Joseph Rogatchewsky sings Pikovaja dama: Qu'est donc la vie?
In RA format

Joseph Rogatchewsky singsLe roi d'Ys: Vainement, ma bien-aimée
In RA format
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the picture.
I would like to thank Anton Bieber for the recording and label scan (Grechaninov song).
I would like to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the recording (Roi d'Ys).

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