Semjon Pavlovich Sadovnikov

No birth-and-death dates or places are known; probably the best text available about him comes from a very different context: hunting dogs breeding!, which was his true passion. He was very popular as a concert singer in Moscow (considered a tenor, but actually a baritenore), but only for a short period since his voice degraded quickly due to an "intemperate life" (as that hunting dogs text puts it), which led to an early end of his career and consequently to his impoverishment. He then lived as a (passionate, but not very accomplished) photographer, and as a dog trainer.
Semjon Sadovnikov sings Ocharovatelnye glazki
In RA format
I wish to thank Yuri Bernikov for his help with the biography.
Source for the recording: Russian Records, incredible website owned by Yuri Bernikov.

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