Nikolaj Vladimirovich Sheljuzhko

18 October 1912 – 6 February 1983

Sheljuzhko as Cavaradossi

He would seem to have spent his whole life in Lviv: he studied at the conservatory there from March 1945 to 1950, made his debut at the local opera theater immediately after graduating, and stayed at that theater until he became its director in 1964.

From 1950 to 1981, he also taught voice at the Lviv conservatory. One of his pupils was Grayr Khanedanian.

Although he was obviously Ukrainian and sang in Ukrainian (cf. the below recording), he always appears with the Russian name Nikolaj, never as (Ukrainian) Mykola.


Nikolaj Sheljuzhko singsZaporozhets za Dunajem: Blazhennyj den, blazhennyj chas

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