Andrej Aleksandrovich Sokolov


Picture of Andrei Sokolov

Picture of Andrei Sokolov as Anatol Kuragin
as Anatol Kuragin
Before WWII, he studied piano in Sverdlovsk. After returning from the front, he resumed his studies, but in the vocal department, this time. Sokolov graduated from the Ural conservatory in 1953 after studying with F. I. Obraztsovskaja. After a debut with the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Orchestra, Sokolov was a soloist at the Bolshoj from 1953 to 1983.

His repertory included: Triquet, Vodemon, Lykov, Bomelij, Finn, Gvidon, Second herald (Snegurochka), Indian guest, Pinkerton, Alfredo, Shujskij, Barclay de Tolly & Anatol Kuragin (both: Vojna i mir/War and peace), ...

Sokolov left the Bolshoj due to a nervous disease. He seems to have evolved from main roles to comprimario roles. The complete 1978 Boris recording, live from the Bolshoj, where he sings Shujskij, is audibly from his comprimario period.

Andrej Sokolov sings Boris Godunov: Velikij gosudar, with Aleksandr Ognivtsev

Andrej Sokolov sings Domoj, domoj (Dunajevskyj)
In RA format

Andrej Sokolov sings Festivalnaja pesenka (Solovjov-Sedoj), with Evgenij Kibkalo
In RA format

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