Vladimir Ivanovich Solodovnikov

born 3 July 1948 Voronezh

Solodovnikov as Almaviva

He graduated from the conservatory in Nizhnij Novgorod (then called Gorkij) in 1979, and immediately got a contract at the Kirov (Mariinskij) in Leningrad. In 1995, he left the country for Germany, where he was first tenor in Chemnitz. He stayed in Germany after ending his career in 2013.

Important roles: Alfredo, Ernesto, Duca, Werther, Cassio, Lenskij, Rostovtsev (Dekabristy by Shaporin), Prokhov (Tikhij Don/Quiet flows the Don by Dzerzhinskij).


Vladimir Solodovnikov singsLa danza

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