Anton Petrovich Tkachenko

Anton Tkachenko was an operatic soloist at the All-Union Radio for a long time, from the 1930s to the early 1950s.

Attention, there's a risk of confounding him with Aleksandr Tkachenko, a 1960s/1970s operetta tenor!

Anton Tkachenko singsRogneda: Nigde ne otyshut Olavy

Anton Tkachenko singsDjamileh: Est-ce la crainte?, in Russian with Ljudmila Legostaeva
Anton Petrovich Tkachenko was an outstanding lyric-dramatic tenor of the All-USSR Radio and can probably be compared for many reasons to the more famous Dmitrij Tarkhov, who was also close to him in age.
Anton Tkachenko peaked in the 1930-s, and it is to this period that his wonderful recording of the role of Haroun in Bizet's "Djamileh" belongs (1937). Another of his famous recordings is Sobinin's aria. Tkachenko was the only Soviet artist to record the romance of Kuratov from Nápravnik's "Nizhegorodtsy". We also have him in the duet of Jeník and Kecal from "Prodaná nevěsta" (The bartered bride). His duet of Prince and Princess from "Charodejka" with Ljudmila Legostaeva, a 78rpm disc recording, was later even available on LP. His recorded output proves why he was a leading soloist of the All-USSR Radio.
Many thanks to Igor Milner for the Djamileh recording and the notes on Tkachenko's recorded legacy.

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