Vladimir Tsarskij

Born on February 13th, 1923.

In 1943, he graduated from the Red Army's Podolsk Artillery College. During WWII he fought on the Kalininskij, Central and Primorskij fronts. Received governmental awards. Was discharged from the army in 1946.

In that same year, he was accepted as a soloist to the "Ensemble of Soviet Opera". In 1952, he graduated from the vocal faculty of the Chajkovskij Moscow State Conservatory.

From 1957 – a soloist of the vocal group of the USSR State Committee of Radio and Television. Gave solo concerts and also sang a lot in duets with such singers as Viktor Selivanov, Viktor Besedin, Ivan Budrin.

In the early 1970s, Tsarskij started working in the musical editorial office of the State Committee of Radio and Television, and worked there until 1989, combining vocal performances and editorial work.

Received a honorary title of "Acclaimed Culture Worker" of the Russian Soviet Socialistic Republic.

Died on April 27th, 1999.

Vladimir Tsarskij singsBallada ob uchitele (Frid)

Vladimir Tsarskij singsVezde i vsegda za toboju (Gerdal), with N. Savina

Vladimir Tsarskij singsOktjabr: Pomnish li? Sled luny shjol za kormoj

Igor Milner has provided the picture, the recordings and the biographical notes: thank you!
Many thanks to Irina Casutt for transcribing the (otherwise untraceable) Oktjabr aria title from the audio.

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