Vladimir Ulyanov

No, this is no hoax and no stage name – Vladimir Ulyanov was this singer's actual name (the patronym makes things clearer, it was Grigoryevich as opposed to Lenin's Ilych). He was born on June 26th (July 7th), 1908 in Ekaterinburg (which became Sverdlovsk in Soviet times). He studied voice in his home town and in Leningrad. He made his debut in Sverdlovsk in 1930, as a baritone, and went on to Samara (then called Kuibyshev) and Almaty (then Alma-Ata).

In 1940, he made a second debut as a dramatic tenor. In 1942, he came to the Kirov in Leningrad (first role: German), where he was to stay until 1960. After his career, he taught at the Rimskij-Korsakov Conservatory in Leningrad. He died in Leningrad in 1986.

Source for the biographical information and the picture.

Vladimir Ulyanov singsIl trovatore: Parlar non vuoi, with Nina Beluhkina and Sofya Preobrazhenskaja in Russian

I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording.

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