Aleksandr Vinokurenko

Born 14 July 1963 in Barysaŭ (Belorussia), living and certainly working (as whatever, but definitely not as a singer) in Samara, he started to study voice with several local teachers in 1997. While there's nothing wrong with people who sing as a pastime, without harassing others, Vinokurenko was brave enough to give public concerts (in venues like the library of the Samara Oblast), starting from 1999. Other than that, he enjoys a considerable "career" on the Social Media, where you can watch his homemade videos: dressed with fashion-defying courage, he sings arias and Russian romances, often to his own guitar accompaniment. (The web address where he resides changes frequently, so just search for "тенор Александр Винокуренко".)

Picture source: Vinokurenko's website

Aleksandr Vinokurenko singsZhizn za tsarja: Bratsy v metel
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