Oleksandr Andrijovych Vostrjakov

Born into a Ukrainian family in Kargapolye, Russia, on the 10th of January 1944, Vostrjakov studied in Kharkiv: first conducting (1965–71), then voice (1971–73). After that, he instantly became an assistant voice teacher at the same Institute of Arts where he had studied, as well as a soloist at the Kharkiv opera theater.

From 1976 to 1983, he sang in Dnipro, and from 1983 onwards, in Kiev. His domain were dramatic roles like German, Radames or Sergej (Katerina Izmajlova). In 1990, he started teaching again, this time at the Kiev conservatory, where he was still active in 2021.

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Oleksandr Vostrjakov singsPikovaja dama: Prosti, nebesnoe sozdanye (Forgive me, bright celestial vision)

Oleksandr Vostrjakov sings Otello: Ora e per sempre addio
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I wish to thank Igor Milner for the Pikovaja dama recording (another proof that the art of singing eventually died even in the former Soviet countries, where it had persisted longer than in the West).
I wish to thank Georges Cardol for the recording (Otello).

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