Mikhail Zaika


Dramatic tenor, now almost forgotten. Even in my books about the Kirov and Sverdlovsk opera theaters he is only briefly mentioned, but some of the people that heard him live say he had a very powerful and resounding voice.

Graduated from Ural Conservatory in 1957. In the same year was accepted to the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Opera Theater. As an apprentice singer, he had drawn attention with his performance of Turiddu.

Acclaimed artist of the Russian Soviet Socialistic Republic (1962).

From 1963 soloist of the Leningrad Kirov Opera Theater.

Some of his roles were Don Alvaro, Sobinin, Finn, Shujskij, Sadko, Grishka Kuterma, José, Radames, Manrico, Otello.

Mikhail Zaika singsPagliacci: Vesti la giubba, in Russian

I wish to thank Igor Milner for the biographical notes and the recording.

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