Leonid Zakhodnik


Soviet lyrical tenor that made his career mainly in the Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic. Vocal teacher. Acclaimed artist of the Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic (1943).

Born on 3rd of April, 1912 in the Vitsebsk region (today Belarus).

Studied at the Latvian conservatory with P. Sakss (1929–1931) and in Milan, Italy with S. Salvini (1934–1936). Performed in Italy under the name Leonardo Zakhodini.

Was a soloist of the Latvian National Opera (1936–1941 and 1944–1947), a soloist of the Art Ensemble of the Latvian Soviet Socialistic Republic (1942–1944), a soloist of the Latvian State Philharmonic (1947–1962) and a voice teacher (1963–1985).

His most outstanding roles were Faust, Alfredo, Duca, Lenskij. In the 1930s, he became famous for performing trendy contemporary songs.

In the summer of 1941, as a member of a delegation of famous Latvian actors, he went to Moscow for a number of concerts. But the plans had to be cancelled due to the start of WWII. The wife and parents of Leonid Zakhodnik remained in Riga and were killed in the war.

Among the pupils of Leonid Zakhodnik are a couple of well-known Latvian pop singers.

Leonid Zakhodnik singsTu ca nun chiagne, in Russian

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