Arne Hendriksen

1 January 1911 Berlin – 5 December 1996 Täby

Picture of Arne Hendriksen

Picture of Arne Hendriksen with Hugo Hasslo in Stockholm
with Hugo Hasslo in Stockholm 1956 in Il tabarro

Picture of Arne Hendriksen as Luigi
in Tabarro again

Arne Hendriksen sings Il tabarro: Hai ben ragione, in Swedish, with unknown partners
In RA format

Although he was born in Germany and died in Sweden, Hendriksen was Norwegian, and lived in Norway until 1947. He was a ceramic artist for many years before studying voice with Karl Aagard Oestvig. From 1938 to 1942, he sang at various theaters in Oslo (there was no specialized opera house in Oslo at that time), and from 1942 to 1946, in Bergen on Norway's west coast.

In 1947, he relocated to Sweden, and sang at the Royal Opera House Stockholm until 1964. Few guest appearances, primarily in Scandinavia, but also in Bregenz, at the Vienna Volksoper and in Cincinnati.

He was in Stockholm much appreciated for his Mozart and belcanto singing, which is slightly surprising for someone who had already sung Pinkerton and Manrico in Bergen, who was an excellent Luigi (hear above), and whose Don José was generally seen as his very best role.

Reference 1: Kutsch & Riemens, reference 2

I would like to thank Daniele Godor for the pictures and recording.

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