Carl Martin Öhman

4 September 1887 Floda – 16 December 1967 Stockholm

Picture of Carl Martin Öhman as Tannhäuser

Picture of Carl Martin Öhman as Siegfried

Picture of Ad for one of Öhman's movie. Öhman is on top in the right corner
Ad for one of Öhman's movies. Öhman is on top in the right corner

Picture of Carl Martin Öhman as José
Öhman studied under Gentzel in Stockholm and under Oxilia and Quadri in Milan.

He made his operatic debut in 1917 at the Stora Theater Göteborg in "Fra Diavolo" by Auber. He stayed in Göteborg until 1923, but from 1919 also sang at the Kungliga Operan in Stockholm (KO).

In 1921, Öhman met Bruno Walter in Berlin who hired him to sing the tenor part in Händel's "Samson".

He also appeared at the Met in the first American performance of Janáček's "Její pastorkyňa" (Jenůfa) and was the first Swedish Oedipus in Stravinsky's oratory.

In 1924/25, he was part of the Met ensemble, after that he stayed for twelve years with the Städtische Oper Berlin, where he was very popular.

In 1926, 1929 and 1934, Öhman sang at the Zoppot festival. He made guest appearances at the Vienna State Opera in 1927 and 1929.

In 1928, he sang "Tannhäuser" and "Meistersinger" at Covent Garden. Throughout his career, Öhman made frequent guest appearances at the KO Stockholm.

He retired in 1937 while his voice was still fully intact. He came out of retirement to sing a performance of Mahler's "Lied von der Erde" in Amsterdam in 1939 at the Concertgebouw (with Thorborg and Schuricht), which was recorded and is one of the best on record.

After his retirement, he became a professor at the Stockholm conservatory. Among his students were Nicolai Gedda and Martti Talvela.

Öhman was a spinto tenor with great top notes, who was also well suited for Wagner parts. He was also a popular operetta singer and was called the "Swedish Tauber". According to Kutsch & Riemens, he sang the part of Sou-Chong over 700 times. He also was the first Swedish Octavio in "Giuditta". He participated in several movies.

Carl Martin Öhman sings Tallarnas barr

Carl Martin Öhman sings Turandot: Keiner schlafe

Carl Martin Öhman sings La fanciulla del West: Ch'ella mi creda
Live recording from the Swedish radio from 1935, and that might also be the reason why the first split-second (!) is faded in...
In RA format

Carl Martin Öhman sings Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Am stillen Herd
In RA format

Carl Martin Öhman sings La muette de Portici: Du pauvre seul ami fidèle, in Swedish
I wish to thank my friend Daniele Godor for the movie ad, the pictures (top two) and the recordings (Fanciulla and Tallarnas barr).
I wish to thank Tom Silverbörg for the recording (Die Meistersinger).
I wish to thank David Brandwein for the recording (La muette de Portici).

Gramophone, Stockholm 1915-11-13
19889b      Det første møde (Sjögren)                                              

Polyphon, Göteborg 1923-03
2332ar      Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Skratta Pajazzo                                S42104
2333ar      Tonerna (Sjöberg) S42102
2334ar      Tosca (Puccini): Det sköna står att finna                               S42105, S42377
2340ar      I drömmen du är mig nära (Sjögren)                                      S42098
2341ar      Alt vandrer maanen (Sjögren)                                            S42099
2342ar      Folkvisa (Merikanto)                                                    S42106
2343ar      Jungfrun under lind (Peterson-Berger)                                   S42103
2344ar      Serenad (Widéen)                                                        S42107
2345ar      Jeg elsker dig (Grieg)                                                  S42100, S92083
2346ar      En dröm (Grieg)                                                         S42101, S92084
1198as      Andrea Chénier (Giordano): Su dalla terra                               unpublished
1198½as     Andrea Chénier (Giordano): Su dalla terra                               S62006
1199as      Gioconda (Ponchielli): Cielo e mar                                      S62007, S62023
1200as      Kung Heimer och Aslög (Söderman)                                        S62004
1201as      Irmelin Rose (Peterson-Berger)                                          S62005

Polyphon, København? 1923-07?
2561ar      Tosca (Puccini): Jag minns stjärnorna lyste                             S42376
2562ar      Mignon (Thomas): Lev väl, Mignon                                        S42242
2567ar      Barndomshemmet (Würck)                                                  S42177, S92085
2568ar      Köp blommor (Engelhardt)                                                S42178, S92086
2569ar      Mit hjerte og min lyre (Kjerulf)                                        S42179
2570ar      Hemlängtan (Josephson)                                                  S42180
2571ar      Var hälsad sköna morgonstund (Nicolai)                                  S42181
2572ar      När juldagsmorgon glimmar (trad)                                        S42182
2573ar      Mignon (Thomas): Hon kunde icke tro                                     S42243
1364as      Bohème (Puccini): Så kall ni är om handen                               S62008
1365as      Muette de Portici (Auber): Slummersång                                  S62009
1366as      Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Nej, jag är ej Pajazzo                         S62022

Polyphon, Stockholm 1924-05
1395at      Unga känslor (Hafgren)                                                  S42272
1396at      I mars (Hafgren)                                                        S42273
1397at      Mot kveld (Backer-Grøndahl)                                             S42292
1398at      Allt under himmelens fäste (trad)                                       S42293
1399at      Sång till Jämtland (Tollvik)                                            S42258
1400at      Spelmansvisa (Körling)                                                  S42259

Parlophon, Berlin 1926-02-12
2-8583      Tosca (Puccini): Hah! Geleit für Floria Tosca                            P2219, HMB63
            with Seinemeyer   
2-8584      Tosca (Puccini): Wisse, nah' ist die Stunde                              P2219, HMB64
            with Seinemeyer
2-8585      Tosca (Puccini): Und sie kommen nicht                                    HMB64
            with Seinemeyer
Parlophon/Odeon, Berlin 1926-10-07
2-8903      Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Geliebter, spare den Zorn   P9014, E10541, O-7531, O-8708, 
(xxB7518)   with Bettendorf, Lüders & Bohnen)				Decca D25287, Col G55250F
2-8904      Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Jerum! Jerum!               P9014, E10541, O-7531, O-8708, 
(xxB7519)   with Bettendorf, Bohnen & Schützendorf)				Decca D25287, Col G55250F
2-8907      Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Selig, wie die Sonne        P9046, E10544, O-7549, 5117, 
            with Bettendorf, Bohnen, Lüders & Gombert			Decca D25386

Parlophon/Odeon, Berlin 1926-11-09
2-8952      Turandot (Puccini): Keiner schlafe                               P9623, P9821
2-8953      Turandot (Puccini): O weine nicht, Liù				unpublished
2-8954      Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Morgenlich leuchtend        P9030, E10552, O-7530, O-8702, 5130  
2-8955      Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Am stillen Herd             P9030, E10552, O-7530, O-8702, 5130

Parlophon, Berlin 1927-11-21
2-8953-2    Turandot (Puccini): O weine nicht, Liù                                 P9623, P9821

Parlophon/Odeon, Berlin 1927-12-20
2-20524     Lohengrin (Wagner): In fernem Land                                      P9697, P9805, E10692, O-7552
2-20525     Lohengrin (Wagner): Mein lieber Schwan                                  P9697, P9805, E10692, O-7552, O-7654
2-20526     Tannhäuser (Wagner): Inbrunst im Herzen 				E10681, O-7803
2-20527     Tannhäuser (Wagner): Da sah ich ihn                                     E10681, O-7803

HMV, Hayes 1928-05-22
Bb13379-1    Ack Värmeland, du sköna (trad)                                        unpublished
Bb13379-2    Ack Värmeland, du sköna (trad)                                        V188, (7-82229), Vic 1432
Bb13380-1    Säterjäntans söndag (Bull)                                            V189, (7-82230)
Bb13381-1    Sverige (Stenhammar)                                                  V188, (7-82228), Vic 1432
Bb13382-1    Bettelstudent (Millöcker): Det täcka könet                            unpublished
Bb13382-2    Bettelstudent (Millöcker): Det täcka könet                            V190, (7-82232)
Bb13383-1    Bettelstudent (Millöcker): Nu är jag pank och fågelfri                V190, (7-82233)
Bb13384-1    Morgon (Eklöf)                                                        V189, (7-82231)

Parlophon, Berlin 1928-06-21
67400 	     Lillebarn (Wennerberg-Reuter)                                             B12658
67401 	     Längtan (Söderman)                                                        B12657
67402 	     Aftonsång (Berg)                                                          B12658
67403 	     Aftonstämning (Körling)                                                   B12657

Polyphon, Berlin 1928-10
1700bk I     Tallarnas barr (Widéen)                                                S42624
701bk I	     Mor lilla mor (Heijkorn)                                               S42623
702bk I	     Folkvisa (Merikanto)                                                   S42622
1703bk I     Tonerna (Sjöberg)                                                      S42621

HMV, Stockholm 1929-08-29
BE1855-1     Xerxes (Händel): Largo                                             unpublished
BE1855-2     Xerxes (Händel): Largo                                             V201, X4369
BE1856-1     Julsång (Cantique de Noël) (Adam)                                  unpublished
BE1856-2     Julsång (Cantique de Noël) (Adam)                                  V201, X4369
BE1857-1     Mattinata (Leoncavallo)                                            V205
E1857-2      Mattinata (Leoncavallo)o                                           unpublished
BE1858-1     Because (d'Hardelot)                                               unpublished
BE1858-2,2T1 Because (d'Hardelot)                                               V205

HMV, Stockholm 1929-08-30
BE1864-1     Paganini (Lehár): Gärna kysser jag en tös                          unpublished
BE1864-2,2T1 Paganini (Lehár): Gärna kysser jag en tös                          V202
BE1865-1     Sonny boy (Henderson-Jolson)                                       V202
BE1865-2     Sonny boy (Henderson-Jolson)                                       unpublished
BE1866-1     Ungdomsdrömmar (Dreams of long ago) (Caruso)                       unpublished
BE1866-2,2T1 Ungdomsdrömmar (Dreams of long ago) (Caruso)                       V206
BE1867-1     Vår (Der Lenz) (Hildach)		                                unpublished (V203, take?)
BE1867-2     Vår (Der Lenz) (Hildach)                                           unpublished

Ultraphon, Berlin 1929-09-10
30169        Carmen (Bizet): La fleur                                                  F146, HT31, G146?
30170        Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Vesti la giubba                                  F146, HT56?, G146?

Ultraphon, Berlin 1929-10-21?
30347        Otello (Verdi): Niun mi tema (Ge)                                         F317, HT25, G317?
30348        Aida (Verdi): Holde Aida                                                  F317, HT56, G317?

Ultraphon, Berlin 1929-10?
30351        Andrea Chénier (Giordano): Den Blick                                      F262, HT46, G262?
30352        Andrea Chénier (Giordano): Gleich einem Frühlingsabend                    F262, HT46, G262?

Odeon, Berlin 1930-10-14
Sto3507      Ro, ro ögonsten (Sjögren)                                               unpublished
Sto3508      I de sidste øieblikke (Sjögren)                                         unpublished
Sto3509      Så var det för länge sen (It happened in Monterey) (Wayne)              D2186, (A162729)
Sto3510      Morgongryning (Song of dawn) (Ager)                                     D2186, (A162729)

Parlophon, Berlin 1930-10-27
67911        Gondolsång (Torna a Sorriento) (de Curtis)				B12966, Od D2687
67912        Du är min sol (O sole mio) (di Capua) 					B12966, D2687
67913        Det gäller (Hannikainen) 							B12967
67914        Stjärnöga (Stenhammar) 							B12967

Columbia, Stockholm 1932-05-30
WS543-1      Land des Lächelns (Lehár): Du är min hela värld                         BS1
WS543-2      Land des Lächelns (Lehár): Du är min hela värld                         BS1
WS544-1      Land des Lächelns (Lehár): Av äppelblom jag binder en krans             BS1
WS544-2      Land des Lächelns (Lehár): Av äppelblom jag binder en krans             BS1

Columbia, Stockholm 1932-06-08
WS551-1      Es war einmal ein Walzer (Lehár): Det finns ju ännu små äventyr		BS2
WS552-1      Es war einmal ein Walzer (Lehár): Det var en gång en vals		unpubl
WS552-2      d:o									BS2

Columbia, Stockholm 1932-08-08
WS574-1      Land des Lächelns (Lehár): Alltid blott visa två läppar, som le         BS3
WS575-1      Två ögon så djupa som dina (Erdtman)                                    unpublished
WS575-2      Två ögon så djupa som dina (Erdtman)                                    BS3

Columbia, Stockholm 1932-09-26
WS579-1      Csardasfürstin (Kálmán): Om henne jag drömmer                           BS4
WS579-2      Csardasfürstin (Kálmán): Om henne jag drömmer                           BS4
WS580-1      Desert Song (Romberg): Ökensången                                       BS4
WS580-2      Desert Song (Romberg): Ökensången                                       BS4

Columbia, Stockholm 1932-12-03
WS592-1      Ung kärlek (Carlberg)                                                   unpublished
WS592-2      Ung kärlek (Carlbergo                                                   BS5
WS593-1      En liten visa (Wehle)                                                   unpublished
WS593-2      En liten visa (Wehle)                                                   unpublished
WS593-3      En liten visa (Wehle)                                                   BS5

Columbia, Stockholm 1933-10-18
WS672-1      Säg att du evigt håller mig kär (Sylvain)                               unpublished
WS672-2      Säg att du evigt håller mig kär (Sylvain)                               BS6
WS673-1      Hjärtats röst (Sylvain)                                                 unpublished
WS673-2      Hjärtats röst (Sylvain)                                                 BS6

Columbia, Stockholm 1934-09-27
WS758-1      Sången till henne (Sylvain): Rosen, som du gav mig till avsked bjöd     unpublished
WS758-2      Sången till henne (Sylvain): Rosen, som du gav mig till avsked bjöd     BS7
WS759-1      Sången till henne (Sylvain): Längtan, jag vet ditt namn är kärlek       unpublished
WS759-2      Sången till henne (Sylvain): Längtan, jag vet ditt namn är kärlek       BS7
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