Ole Hansen

Ole Hansen was a 70-year-plus amateur "operatic" tenor when making his "debut" on a talent show on Danish TV in 2008. He had been taking voice lessons for his whole life, but only at that ripe age, he felt prepared enough to face the public. The devastating results of his singing notwithstanding, he was convinced to be singing like Pavarotti. For a few years, he had his own website where he would post examples of his poor singing. Very obviously, he didn't even notice that all of Denmark was rolling their eyes at his "art"...

Also note his strictly private Italian pronunciation; and the pianist, who is quite on Ole Hansen's level.

Ole Hansen singsL'elisir d'amore: Una furtiva lagrima

Ole Hansen singsMattinata
Source for the recordings and the left picture: Ole Hansen's defunct website
Source for the right picture (© Benjamin Kürstein): Ekstrabladet

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