Roger Wågsjö

Wågsjö is a Swedish-born and US-based voice teacher and pupil of Nicolai Gedda. On his website, he proudly calls himself an "international opera tenor" and a "frequent oratorio and concert performer"; unfortunately, all his frequent performances seem to take place in a very private setting since there is absolutely no trace of any of them on the internet.

What you do find on the web is that his real profession is or was that of a fundamentalist evangelical weirdo, running his own church in Dallas for many years, along with a preaching show on TV; at other times, he did go(o)d business in Sweden and in Honduras.

As for his "international" activity as a tenor, I'm convinced he sang opera in many an international shower, in the US, in Honduras and in Sweden, but hopefully never at any theater... but please judge yourself:
Roger Wågsjö sings L'Africaine: Ô paradis

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