Mauro Augustini

Mauro Augustini was a strong-voiced and secure, but incredibly provincial Italian baritone from the 1980s well into the 21st century. According to François Nouvion, he did an almost incredible thing once in Cairo: for a performance in which he was to sing Iago, the tenor scheduled as Otello cancelled at the very last moment – and Augustini stepped in for him, singing both Iago and Otello on that evening, only being substituted, as Otello, by some minor tenor whenever Otello and Iago have to sing together!
While this must have been funny as well as impressive, he should probably have left it at that with his Otello efforts. Unfortunately, though, he seems to have acquired a taste for it...
Mauro Augustini sings Otello: Esultate

Mauro Augustini sings Otello: Niun mi tema

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