André Baugé

André Baugé (1892–1966), the impersonation of vocal charme, the great master of the lighter side of French classical music, sings four tenor pieces from Viennese operettas; the Paganini excerpt is transposed down a full tone, the three others are in original tenor key. Particularly enjoyable: the Walzertraum rendition.

The Barbiere aria was used as a mock love serenade in one of Baugé's films. It is in original key, and the phrasing is so much better than in a great number of non-mock versions...

The aria from Richard Coeur de Lion is a special case: it exists in both a tenor and baritone version, and while the original one is for tenor, it's customary to hear it by baritones. Baugé, though a baritone of course, recorded the tenor version!
André Baugé sings Richard Coeur de Lion: Ô Richard, ô mon roi
Pathé no. 0608, mx. 200567

André Baugé sings Il barbiere di Siviglia: Des rayons de l'aurore
In RA format

André Baugé sings Ein Walzertraum: Oui, c'est une valse de Vienne
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André Baugé sings Paganini: J'ai toujours cru qu'un baiser
In RA format

André Baugé sings Das Land des Lächelns: Je t'ai donné mon coeur
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André Baugé sings Der Graf von Luxemburg: Le bonheur va demain, with Suzette Docin
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