Juozas Indra

18 March 1918 Pavietava – 14 March 1968 Kaunas

Up to 1943, Indra used his real name Juozas Padleckis.

Indra was an opera singer, conductor and composer. His first music teacher was his brother, Stasys Padleckis. Since 1936, Indra played in the Third Infantry Regiment Orchestra. 1938 to 1945, he studied solo singing, composition and conducting at the conservatory in Kaunas with Evgenij Vitting, Petras Oleka, Vladas Jakubėnas, and Juozas Gruodis.

His career as a singer began and ended in Vilnius and lasted nearly 10 years, during which he performed 25 roles. He also sang at the Kaunas opera (1944).

1945 to 1948, Indra was in Vorkuta, Komi ASSR region, where he sang with the Vorkuta Philharmonic and Music Theatre. That means that he was a political prisoner – Vorkuta was not a town at the time of Stalin, it was a gulag, and all musicians at the theater were inmates. After the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states in 1940 and again in 1944, hundreds of thousands of people were arrested for political reasons and deported to Siberia: not just those who had been political adversaries of the Soviets, but lots of members of the elite, just for the sake of repression, terror and intimidation of the Baltic populations. In Indra's case, the reason for his imprisonment was that he had played in the Lithuanian military orchestra mentioned above.

1948 to 1953, Indra taught at the conservatory in Vilnius and sang with the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre; in 1954 he became first conductor of the Kaunas opera.

His repertory included: German, Lenskij, Roméo, Faust, Alfredo, José, ...
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Juozas Indra singsEvgenij Onegin: Kuda, kuda vy udalilis, in Lithuanian
Melodiya M30-36267-68 
A1    Kunigaikšcio kavatina iš operos "Rusalka"		
A2    Lenskio arija iš operos "Eugenijus Oneginas"		
      Lithuanian folk songs:
A3    Pavasaris sodus rede 		
A4    Vai ir prijojo 		
A5    Keliesi, martele tu naujoji 		
A6    Treji gaidžiai negiedojo 		
B1    Vede bobute ožiuka turgun 		
B2    Po gojeliu, po žaliuoju 		
B3    Oi smutna liudna širdele mano 		
B4    Vai tu eglele 		
B5    Vai ko rykavo raiba antele 		
B6    Atskamba rieta padkaveles 		
B7    Išej merga 		
B8    Aš pasejau pinelius 		
B9    Suskyniau skynima 		
B10   Vai nekukuok

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