Umberto (Avgustovich) Masetti

18 February 1869, Bologna – 27 April 1919, Moscow

Picture of Umberto Masetti

Picture of Umberto Masetti with Nezhdanova in Venice
with Nezhdanova in Venice (January 1, 1910)
Masetti was a lyric tenor and a teacher. He studied music at the Bologna Conservatory with D. Martucci. In 1891, he appeared both as a concert singer and as conductor. Five years later, he became assistant of A. Buzzi. Between 1895 and 1899, Masetti was a singing teacher at the Conservatory. R. Stracciari, F. Carpi, Pellicioni, Ja. Rubinstein (Son of A. Rubinstein) were his students in Italy.

Between 1899 and 1919, Masetti was the director of the singing department at the Moscow Conservatory.

Because Masetti was an artist of high singing culture, an exact and thorough expert of the mechanism of singing, he succeded in discovering and promoting the artistic personality of his students. As one of the most important singing teachers of his time, he trained a whole generation of Russian singers and singing teacher

Among his students were: L. Adamovich, A. V. Alexandrov, F. Bakhman, V. Barsova, I. Bereznegovskij, N. Bravin, B. Bugajskij, K. Chugunov, O. Danilchenko, A. Dolivo, M. Gukhova, E. V. Ivanova, A. Karatov, V. Karmilov, A. Kiselevskaja, A. K. Konchevskij, E. Konjus, N. Koshits, M. Kurenko, M. Kurzhijamskij, V. Ljuminarskij, Z. Maljutina, E. Malkowich, A. Nezhdanova, N. Obukhova, A. Orlovskaja, O. Pavlova, V. Politkovskij, E. Popello-Davidova, E. Popova, A. Preobrazhenskij, R. Romanov-Dobrzhanskij, V. Sadovnikov, S. Shatskij, P. Skuba, S. Streltsov, N. Strizhenova, K. Tugarinova, M. Vladimirova, E. Zhukovskaja...

He composed three operas (given with Masetti conducting in Rome and Bologna), some symphonies and several romances.

Other works include: Short singing instructions for my students, 1912; Singing school (textbook, 1895, translated from Italian by A. S. Yakovleva, see her doctoral thesis "The famous professors of the Moscow Conservatory at the beginning of the 20th century", 1975, vol. 2, p. 93-141), State Library, Leningrad.

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I wish to thank Ildikó Végh for her help preparing this material, and for the picture with Nezhdanova.
Roberto Marcocci could not locate any performances of Masetti on stage. He probably sang only in concert.

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